Morning lockdown at Bellmont High School ends safely

Staff Writer

    According to an email by North Adams Community School official Larry Carty sent to parents of students in the North Adams school district, this morning, Sept. 13, authorities at Bellmont High School were alerted to a firearm on campus.
    Authorities responded by placing the high school on lockdown while they investigated and decelerated the situation and made sure there was no danger to students and staff.
    According to the email, the firearm was recovered and authorities have determined there was no intent to cause harm with the firearm during this incident. The incident has been resolved safely. The high school building remained on soft lockdown until school officials and Decatur Police conducted a thorough review of the incident to ensure no additional causes for threat existed. The lockdown has now been lifted.
    The email concluded by saying, "Safety is of the highest priority for North Adams Community Schools. We wish to thank all students, staff and authorities for responding with due diligence and for maintaining the safety of all individuals."
    When Brent Lehman, superintendent of North Adams Community Schools, was contacted, he said, "I'd just like to emphasis that the student in question had no intent to harm anyone. The SRO, city police and the students did everything they were supposed to do. Everyone did a great job. No one was hurt and this matter was resolved safely and quickly."