Bellmont senior finds positivity amid crisis

Dane Fuelling
Sports Editor

For many members of this year’s senior class of 2020, this spring has brought a lot of heartbreak. Lost sports seasons, missing moments in the final weeks of school with friends, and even missed time in the classroom with teachers have all piled up on a lot of eighteen-year olds during this pandemic.
For one senior here in Decatur, there’s just no room for negativity in a time when many are in need of help.
“Why sit around when you can take a step forward, when you can make a differnce,” asks Kyle Lawson. “I have always been thankful of this community and I wanted to give back. This is the least that I can do.”
Lawson finished up his school work at Bellmont this past week and will graduate with an Academic Honors diploma whenever his class is finally allowed to go through the traditional ceremony together. Except Lawson likely won’t be in attendance.
In four short weeks, Lawson will leave Decatur and head to basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia. He was sworn in as a member of the Army National Guard about a year ago.
When he leaves on June 24th for his six-month training, he will leave the city of Decatur proudly, representing it from several states away.
“When people look back on 2020, all they will think about is the coronavirus, and I don’t want that to be the case in our town.”
That’s why Lawson has been training for the past two months to run back-to-back marathons on Sunday, in an effort to raise money for local charities in need during these times.
Already, Lawson has raised over $4000 for charities like Love, Inc. and the local food pantry. He is also donating some of the money he raises to the local county home, Golden Meadows, where his mother, Alice, works.

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