Callithumpian Parade officially canceled

Staff Writer

Decatur Daily Democrat

    “Due to the ongoing pandemic and current uptick in cases in the county and state, the Adams County Department of Health cannot endorse a parade.”
    It’s official, the annual Callithumpian Parade, by far one of the most popular and well attended event in Adams County, will not happen this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Adams County Health Officer Dr. Michael Ainsworth had announced the tentative cancelation of the parade Oct. 9. However, there was still hope a plan could be formulated that would allow the parade to continue, albeit in an altered form.
    Unfortunately, that plan never came to fruition, and in an email sent Thursday afternoon, Ainsworth said the Decatur Chamber of Commerce was unable to formulate a plan meeting the minimum requirements for a parade, as established by the State Department of Health. “We appreciate those efforts and all they have done this summer and fall in order to try to maintain some (normalcy) during this difficult time,” Ainsworth said.
    Two other Halloween-related activities have fallen before the virus.
    City Fire Chief Les Marckel said he and Police Chief Leonard Corral Jr. decided to not have trick-or-treating at the fire and police stations this year.
    In addition, Marckel said, the heavily attended trick-or-treat event at Safety Park has also been called off due to COVID.
    As of Friday, Decatur trick-or-treat is slated for 6-8 p.m. Oct. 31.
    “The Callithumpian Parade is a revered tradition in our community, but one that would significantly increase risk for spread of this illness,” Ainsworth said. “Again it is our goal to reduce the spread of COVID-19, protect our vulnerable citizens, keep hospitalization rates low and to keep our kids in school and participating in extracurricular activities.”