Chillin' with Dylan— Curry and his Warriors

Dylan Malone
Staff Writer

    Stephen Curry can do some amazing things with the basketball in his hands.
    For those basketball fans who never really had an opportunity to witness the reigning MVP’s work on the hardwood because of the west coast scheduling (who doesn’t value sleep?!), the Finals were a great opportunity to see some magic against LeBron James and his limping Cavaliers.
    With every Finals match-up there will always be a label placed on both the winners and the losers. For LeBron it’s the year he tried to carry them by himself thanks to the injuries to three of the five starters he began the year with, most notably Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.
    For Steph Curry, it was about the team and it’s many weapons. In one of the best three-point shooting exhibitions this league has ever seen, the Warriors won a ridiculous 67 games in the regular season but were still a question mark to make it to the Finals because of a loaded Western Conference...........
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