Hot Stove League: Bryce Harper and his future

Chris Tulley
Staff Writer

     When the ills of winter were at their worst in the 1800s and later, farmers and other locals would meet once a week around a hot stove, maybe at a shop or someone's home, and discuss the bright light that would soon thaw them out; baseball.

     Adams County, it's February. For many Major League Baseball teams, pitchers and catchers will be reporting to spring training in two weeks. In some cases, only 12 or 13 days separates us from the likes of Chris Sale, Max Scherzer and Madison Bumgarner. This MLB season could see Noah Syndergaard return to the mound, another American League showdown between the best teams in baseball, maybe Tim Tebow as a dressed Met and even NCAA Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murphy in a uniform. As newly-appointed commissioner of the Democrat's Hot Stove League, I'm going to start the season with a look at the most sought after man in the game, Bryce Harper. He's up for a trade.

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