Hunter sets Bellmont record in win over South Side

Meghan Busick by Chris Tulley
Staff Writer

Bellmont’s Wednesday night dual with the Lady Archers from South Side looked and sounded like a playoff game. Grace Hunter dropped 38 points in front of two sets of cheerleaders, student sections sidelines as the Squaws won 55-49.
The first period indicated that the match up between both one-loss teams could go in either team’s favor. Bellmont led 13-12 after a buzzer beater from the Archers.
“We talked about in the first quarter that there would be runs by both teams. South Side is one of the top teams in the area, obviously they’ll score. We just had to weather that,” explained head coach Andy Heim after his eighth win of the season.
Energy and emotion filled the Teppee from this point out. Heim said “This was sort of similar to a Sectional atmosphere, it was great.”
Heim could be seen yelling about fouls called on Kenzie McMahon and Meghan Busick, the Bellmont students, all clad in flannel shirts and overalls, chanted back and forth with the South Siders and the players were going strong.
Heim did say that he had no issues with the referees.
Grace Hunter scored 38 points, setting a new single game record for Bellmont. She was effective at the post, from outside the circle and from the free throw line.
“It’s amazing,” was all Heim needed to say about her performance this season. “She knows exactly what she wants to do in any situation,” Heim stated.
She traded 3’s and fouls with the Archers through most of the third period.
Hunter fell after rebounding her own shot in the fourth period, prompting chants of “flop” from the South Side section. Bellmont affiliates were not pleased with SS’s 10th foul of the night.
Heim explained that on defense, he had his team switch up positioning, going 2-3 against a strong team. “They were talking all night long and played great defensively.”
The Squaws are now 8-1 are ranked sixth in Class 3A.

BHS: 55, SSHS 49.
Scores by quarter
BHS: 13 14 13 15
SSHS: 12 15 9 13

BHS: Shifferly 2 0 2 2; Hunter 13 4 8 9; McMahon 2 0 0 0; Busick 1 0 5 6.