Monroe to form sewer study group group volunteers

Staff Writer

    Monroe Town Council met Thursday night and the bulk of the meeting revolved around the old business of sewage.
    Currently, no conclusions have been made about this ongoing issue of a lack of capacity in the town’s sewage and wastewater collection system, although it was stated Thursday that the town’s west lift station is once again functional after some work was done on it recently.
    Council hopes to make some decisions by next month. To get the process moving, a volunteer study committee of Monroe residents will be formed. The committee — named the Sewage System Analysis Committee — will be responsible for researching grants, giving recommendations for various recommendations pertaining to the sewage system and grants involved and work closely with those involved in the sewage system issues.
    The council is asking for any volunteers who wish to serve on the committee contact the the town as soon as possible. Officials are also interested in finding a seasoned grant writer in Monroe to be on this committee. Anyone who is interested may contact the Monroe clerk/treasurers office at 692-6215.