Shelter for animals is inhumane, group says

    A group of area residents met with the Adams County Commissioners Tuesday regarding concerns they have with the Adams County Animal Shelter.
    Joanna Stanley, along with her husband Joe, and two women who live in the count, brought concerns regarding the number of animals, particularly cats, being euthanized in Adams County, as well as alleged inhumane conditions in which the animals are kept.
    The Stanleys stated that they have adopted several cats from the local shelter in an effort to decrease the number being euthanized.
    Mrs. Stanley told commissioners that she had recently contacted the shelter regarding two Angora cats that were up for adoption, asking the shelter to hold the cats until she was able to pick them up.
    According to Mrs. Stanley, when she arrived at the shelter, several days later, the cats had been euthanized.
    The group also alleges that animals at the shelter are being kept in inhumane and unsanitary conditions, stating that the cages are too small and there was "an extremely foul odor" emitting from the holding area.
    The group is asking for a no-kill animal shelter to be built in Decatur, which they say would allow residents easier access and a longer time period to adopt a pet.
    While commissioners agreed a no-kill shelter is a good idea, they stated the county has a contract with Carol and Charlie Bowers, who operate the county shelter, that is good until 2014.
    Commissioners also noted that, prior to entering the contract with the Bowers' in 2010, the county had advertised for candidates on at least three occasions, with only the Bowers responding.
    Chairman Doug Bauman said that anyone who wishes to open a no-kill shelter in the county is encouraged to do so, with private funding.
    As a last item for discussion, the group asked for a dog park to be built in Decatur, stating that they believe Hanna-Nuttman Park would be a perfect location as "nobody uses that park anymore."
    The commissioners reiterated that the county does not have the funds to take on such a project and that any such park would have to be done with private funding.