Starfires bring tough competitors to home turf Tourney

Chris Tulley
Sports Editor

BERNE — “We want to win trophies this year. We want to win ACAC, then keep winning.” South Adams head coach Grant Moser has set lofty goals for his varsity squad, and intends to hold them accountable.

Moser and co. hosted an 11-11 summer tournament Thursday, where a team’s offense would stay on the field for 15 minutes, then the teams would switch.

Previously this summer, South Adams played at a similar event at Taylor University. At Taylor, Moser was already looking forward to Thursday’s games, stating that he was inviting strong teams to sharpen the edges of his team. “We try all year to play good teams so we get a little taste of humble pie before the season. We think we’re a little better than we are, it’s good for us to see that,” Moser stated.

Schools that came to Berne were Bluffton, Norwell, Bishop Luers, Blackford, Heritage, West Noble, Shenendoah, Wabash and Lakeland.

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