Woman escapes injury when 3 deer crash through window

Officers prepare to release 1 of 3 deer that crashed through an apartment window at Woodcrest. There were no injuries and the deer were released into the wild.

    The animal revolution is alive and well my friends, as proved by an unusual call answered by Adams County law enforcement agencies Tuesday evening.
    According to a news release by Decatur Police Chief Leonard Corral Jr., police were dispatched at approximately 9:35 p.m. to a Woodcrest Garden Apartment after several deer crashed through the apartment window, trapping its elderly occupant inside.
    Upon arrival, police officers — along with Adams County Sheriff’s deputies and an Indiana State Police trooper — discovered three deer inside the apartment. The resident of the facility was seated on her couch, with one of the deer jumping back and forth across the woman, as well as around the living room. Sheriff’s Deputy Bryce Kukelhan placed himself over the woman to protect her from injury until Corporal Patrick Piper and officer Reid Arnold were able to assist the resident from the apartment.
    One deer reportedly found its way out of the apartment on its own, while the other two deer had to be tranquilized and removed from the apartment. The deer were then released.
    The elderly woman was examined by paramedics and did not sustain any injuries. The interior of the apartment was heavily damaged as the deer attempted to escape.
    “Great job to all officers and personnel involved,” said Corral.